Ok so the blog isn't going to go incognito. I'm just too lazy.

Justin seems to have lost his wallet. The last place he remembers putting it was on the visor of the car, but it's not there or anywhere else in the car, or the house as far as we can tell. Our best bet now is that he left it at work, but no one there has turned it in yet. What a giant pain.

We've already canceled the bank card, which is a huge huge pain, as we don't usually carry much cash, and the bank is in Lubbock, so we'll have to go all the way over there to pick up some cash. Also, we don't think they'll give us a new card. The thing is, when we opened the account, we got a savings account, and we thought it was really snazzy because our bank is the only one I've ever been to that gives a visa debit card for savings accounts. Usually you have to have a checking account for that sort of magic. Then in January they decided that they didn't like the policy of giving out cards to savings account holders, and they wanted everyone to either open a checking account or turn in their cards. However, they can't legally just take the cards away from savings account customers. So they wait until you screw up the account somehow or have to cancel the card and then haha! You don't have a card anymore. Ugh.

We don't want a checking account. They always get overdrawn even when we try really hard and then we have to pay a bunch of money and get a new account. Blah. Oh well it'll work out. We're pretty sure the wallet isn't stolen, so I'm sure it will turn up somewhere stupid. If (and this is unlikely) any of you see it lying around please mail it to the address on the drivers license.

Disregard the bad picture of me.


Justin said...

The saddest part is the lost pictures of you

Teronni said...

That boy is sweet! Lucky girl :)