There is nothing that does not have a Christmas Ornament. Justin and I went and walked around Holland Gardens yesterday. During the regular year they just sell plants and gardening supplies, completely what you'd expect from a place named "Holland Gardens," but during the holidays they turn it into a huge Christmas tree showplace. There are TONS of trees, all with different themes, and I dare you to go in there looking for a specific kind of ornament and not find it. The also do custom Christmas lights, where you pick the color and shape of the bulb and how many you want and they string them up for you right there. It's really really amazing. Justin and I want to get an ornament together every year to commemorate what happened that year, and we're starting this year, since it's the first time we've both a) had the money for a special ornament and b) put up a tree together. Last year I had a tree, but only for 2 weeks as I got a late start and we were super broke. My dad gave us a little dog ornament that says "New Home 2005," because it was the first year we'd lived in a house instead of an apartment.

This year however, I went to Holland Gardens to break out the fancy stuff. I got a really beautiful sterling silver wedding cake ornament, which we will have engraved with 2006 on the bottom to celebrate our wedding this year, and I also got a little pewter bone ornament that says "woof," to honor the first year we had Maybe. And, not to commemorate anything, I got two bumble bee ornaments, one blue and yellow and one traditional gold and black because I like them, and Justin calls me "bumblebee." I'm going to keep those out all year and hang them from my dresser or something after the tree comes down.

Surprisingly, I'm practically done with my Christmas shopping. I have to grab one thing for my parents, one thing for Nikaia, and one more thing for Justin and that is *it* people. I'm so proud.
I thought my tail-bone was feeling better yesterday, but apparently the drugs were just working their magic, because I got overly excited last night and didn't take my pain pills before I went to bed, and now I feel once again like I'm going to die every time I sit down and stand up. As long as I can stay in one position for as long as possible I think I can make it...The chair I'm sitting in now kind of makes me sit really far forward off my butt, and is less painful than the couch, so I guess I'll camp out at the computer desk as much as I can...

Today is Justin's last day of school this semester. He's taking his final now. He has to make an 8 to have a 'B' or a 68 to have an 'A.' Impressive.

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Brinkley said...

I made an 89 :)