Where My Mind Wanders

I've been having some trouble sleeping... well, actually I was having some trouble sleeping, but I've started taking a sleeping pill before bed on work days...However, yesterday was not a work day so I went to bed without it. The problem is that my mind just races. It doesn't think of anything real, like bills or work or any of the important stuff usually...just random crap. Sometimes it doesn't linger on a single thought long enough for me to even fully realize what it is before moving on, and I don't usually remember what those passing ideas were...but here are the "big ones" I remember from the past week or so...

The first thing, and the one that for some reason got me worked into a tizzy that particular night was the idea that my cat, Nic, was desperate to be an actor. {I told you these weren't normal thoughts.} It seemed very important that I find an agent for him and look for work in commercials or whatever cat actors do. Very stressful in a very weird way. Anyway, just in case this was Nic trying to channel his deepest desire, I'm posting his "headshot" here, just in case any animal agents are looking.

Last night Las Vegas was in my head. I decided that they should change their name...The thought pattern went something like this:

Los Angeles means "the angels." This is a fitting name for this city because it's beautiful, warm, and all the people look heavenly, {please excuse that pun} thanks to great plastic surgeons, anorexia and the zone diet. If you took away all the sin, Los Angeles would definatley look like the sort of place where angels vacation.

Along those same lines, Las Vegas means "the fertile valley." This is a very poor name for the city because well, it's in the middle of a desert. The thought was that if Los Angeles is the city of "angels", then Las Vegas should be called "Los Menos Dios" : "the lesser gods", which would translate to "demons." It's sin city after all right? So then we could have "the city of angels" and "the city of demons."

I do realize that this might cut down on tourism from the church ladies going to see Blue Man Group and Celine Dion, so it might not be a brilliant marketing strategy, but at least it would make more sense.

Yeah...it makes even less sense now than it did as I was falling asleep. Oh well. Hope it was entertaining at least.

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