Justin says I have to find a hobby. Something I like to do. Any suggestions? I can't crochet, as I proved last year, everything just is a circle, and I don't really want to learn how to knit because yarn apparently has it out for me. I used to like to shop, but a I no longer have that kind of disposable income, it can't really be my hobby. As it is now, when I fill out one of those "what do you like to do" profiles for MySpace or whatever I put that I like to read, but I'm doing that for 8 hours a night at work. I can't take it anymore. Anyway I have no idea, so suggestions are appreciated.

P.S. I don't want anything that will leave me with a bunch of extra stuff so nobody say "oh I know, you can make [potholders, birdhouses, decopage, friendship bracelets...insert craft of choice here]

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momacakes said...

The library has books you can borrow...for free. You can even check out movies, books on tape and music depending on your town. I checked a book out on cake decorating. I want to make Babycakes a birthday cake. Plus you can take what ever you get at the library that doesn't leave you with extra stuff. This is some very hard criteria...sorry for any horrid spelling.