So, I've been sleeping really well, the new night time routine seems to agree with me, and I'm feeling much less stress in general. However, last night {this afternoon} I just could not seem to get my pillows right. I tossed and turned for 8 hours or so and then gave up. My neck is killing me, so I might have to take a nap later. {I get really tired when something hurts for very long.} However, our never ending weekends allow for such luxuries. I always start to freak out on Friday evenings because I think I have to go to work, but Ha! We're still off 'til tomorrow at midnight!

In other news, a friend sent a link to this website...why oh why would you want to make your kid look like this?? Patrick and Tiffany, if I catch you photoshopping Bronte like this, we may have to have words....bleh.


Patrick Goodman said...

I would just as soon rip out my own eyes as do that to a picture of my daughter. Ick!

Susanlee said...

Yeah. I thought so.