I've heard legends about people who get to take a year off of work to plan their weddings. I get to take off for two days, today and tomorrow, and even that is pushing it.

My dad woke me up this morning by banging on my front door at 9am and telling me that he wants 10 silk potted plants to the fire station by noon so that he can hose them off. Then he yelled at me because my aunt yelled at him. It's the trickle down effect...the bad kind.

Today I have to clean my house. This house is over 100 years old, and has gold shag carpet and electrical wiring that makes the code inspectors head spin, so there's only so much a girl can do, but at least my laundry should be clean when my mom arrives. Wedding-wise there isn't that much stress, except for the whole "will everyone get along" drama. However, because my mother is coming to town, everyone, including me, has been thrown into a tizzy.

I did not take a Lunesta last night, and so, no bile taste last night or this morning. Crisis averted, but now, how will I ever get to sleep? Also, last night, Justin and I had planned to have our official last, illicit, non married sex. That fell through when we arrived home at 10pm to find our house full of people. Two of them were working on the aforementioned scary electrical wiring and my stove, two of them (one of which I had never seen before) had comandeered my sofa/chair, and two of them were wandering around rather aimlessly while Maybe barked her head off.

Now, I pride myself on being a gracious hostess, but when I have a list of 7500 (I'm not exaggerating here) things to do in the next 2 days, not the least of which is my last illicit sex, it's a little difficult to be joyful and entertaining. Especially at 10 o clock at night. Especially when I wasn't expecting this circus to open up in my living room, kitchen and storage room. So yeah, I was disgruntled. Everyone finally left at around 11:30. Justin cooked dinner, which we were finally finished eating at around 1:oo and then we crashed. So much for romance.

Ok, off to make the thousand phone calls that I have to make, and then to drag some plants around. Augggh...

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Patrick Goodman said...

Take a deep breath and relax. The hard part, believe it or not, is basically over.