Thank God for White Lies

So, my wedding dress isn't here yet. This is especially disturbing, because to ensure that we would get it a reasonable time before the wedding we told them that I was getting Married on May 1st. Thank God we did too! I called today to find out about it, they told me that it was shipped last Tuesday yesterday, and that I should have it yesterday or it didn't come yesterday. I called today to get the tracking number, and then I called UPS. Their records show that it has not been given to them yet. Great. So, I called back and said "don't you see that your records say that I'm getting married in 4 days?? I don't have a dress and UPS doesn't have a dress and what is going on!?!" so the woman is like, "ohh we made a mistake on the tracking number, we are going to overnight it to you, it will be there Friday, call me tomorrow for a new tracking number." OH MY FREAKING GOD!!! What exactly were they looking at when they said that it had already been shipped? A magic 8 ball?? Thank god we told them the wedding was sooner, or else it would be May 17th and I wouldn't have a dress. Don't they know that we need time for alterations and steaming and pictures?? AUUGHH!! It's not like we didn't give them plenty of time either. We ordered the dress on March 15th. They told us then that they had it in stock and that it would be here in 7-10 working days. It's been phone tag ever since. This is insane. Can I sue for the stress of it all??

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