Blah de blah blah

We got paid today so we are no longer 700 dollars overdrawn. This is very good news. Justin just now noticed Maybe chewing on something and said "bring that to me," and she did, which is also very good news, and pretty surprising. I guess she's gotten out of the rebellious stage of her puppyhood. Bought some strawberries, carrots and lemons at United tonight and felt like a healthy, good food eater until I came home and dipped said strawberries in Nutella. Very good though, perhaps a food option for the wedding. I created a account...I think its a very strange thing, anyway, people from all over the place are contacting Justin on his...nobody from my past cares. *sigh* Oh is a better day than the past few, have a new computer chair too, its very fancy...certainly beats squatting on a footstool.

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