Mean...but Crafty...

We tied a balloon to Maybe's collar a couple of nights ago and she just flipped out, but it made some really cute pictures. Then we took it off because we don't want to traumatize her...

In wedding news, my aunt and I went shopping yesterday
and we got the bubbles, cake servers and guest sign in book.
I made bows for the servers, and I feel very crafty and proud so I'm posting a pic here.

the top...This is highly significant because on my dad's side of the family, when we see a white butterfly, we takeAnd finally, after looking all day long, we found the exact right bubble blowers. They have little white butterflies at it as a sign that my grandmother is with us...Here is a picture of the bubble blowers, sorry, it's blurry I couldn't get close enough I also did the ribbons on talent. *grin*

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