An Update and A Story

We finally have internet. The guy came at 9 30 this morning and with lots of banging and stapling we are now up to speed with the rest of the world. I started working again this week...well...last week really. It's difficult to have a frame of reference that makes sense because our weekends are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. In any case, yesterday was my one week anniversary of being a productive citizen. I missed working and I really love my job, but in spite of that every day I say in the car on the way over "I don't want to work today," it's becomming rather irritating. My New Years Resolution is to get over that...or at least stop saying it out loud.

In other news...the outside dog that we have somehow managed to adopt, who will be known as Lucy from here on out, has found a way to get under the house...and not just a little bit under like to hide from the rain...she can now easily get under any room in the house. How very nice to be awakened in the middle of the night by something howling mournfully directly under your bed. I'm a little skittish anyway, and even though I don't believe in ghosts (or an afterlife), sometimes I'm a bit nervous in this old house that my crazy aunt inhabited for 70 years or so... The upside of this, is that family legend has it that she used to hide cash in really random places and no one has been up to the attic since she died. There is at least one documented case of someone profiting from this unusual habit of hers...the story:

Aunt Oleta and the Very Lucky Boys

Once upon a time, not too long ago, (maybe the 70s) some young teenage boys asked Aunt Oleta if they could mow her lawn to earn some money for whatever it is that young teenage boys buy. She agreed to pay them something like 10 dollars which was about the going rate at the time, and they set to work. About twenty minutes into their task the lawn mower encountered something hard and round...upon further investigation, and with a little digging, they discovered that it was in fact, a jar full of money. Being honest young teenage boys, they took it to Aunt Oleta and she told them that they could just keep it. No one is really clear about exactly how much money was in the jar. The boys of course didn't take the time to count it then, and never reported back, but I believe its safe to say that it was substantially more than 10 dollars.
The End

So, if anyone would like to volunteer to climb up into our attic and join the treasure hunt, please let me know, as I, personally, am afraid of the attic, and we fear that Justin will fall through the ceiling if he makes the journey himself. Who knows, there may be something to the Legend of Aunt Oleta.

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momacakes said...

would you split the money??? because my husband needs to pay for a new palm pilot. neither one of us have problems with attics.