We went to Hurricane Harbor on Saturday, because, while I really REALLY hate to be wet, it's like Justin's freakin' mecca. (And, I was able to snag discount tickets through my job.) It was a really good time, in spite of, or perhaps because of, nearly drowning in the wave pool on numerous occasions, and screaming my head off on the 'Tornado' which basically drops you down a tube and then flushes you.

However, I am now sunburned. Yes, I know, I subject myself to the evils of tanning beds on occasion (not for two months now...pout), but this is a completely different animal. First of all, there are *tan lines* gross. I haven't started peeling yet, because I'm still in that phase where the burn is really deep into the skin, and feels like a huge burning bruise, but the peeling will start, and soon. If you see me during that phase, make fun at your own risk.

Because I can't wear a shirt yet, (other than my handy dandy tube top) I am off work today.

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