General Update

Justin and I have been snarky with each other for a couple of weeks, and while I feel that it's PMS related we're also doing an experiment. We're going to go for two days in a row seeing very little of each other in between spending our regular amount of time together (which is a lot). Then we'll see if we're happier on the days that we have together. I think it's a good plan. (It was mine after all.) Yesterday was the first of our alone days, and it was fine. I watched TV, had a really good sandwich and chocolate milk, and read a little. He played video games and drove around with Jeff to see if they could find something for Jeff to take pictures of. Fun times. Today he has a headache, so it's just as well that this is our second alone day. He isn't very social when he doesn't feel well.

In other news, I'm asking the insurance company of the truck that ran into me for more money. I think I deserve a little compensation for the fact that I missed three days of work right after starting a new job, and now my bosses think I'm not dependable. Also, I'm very nervous when I'm the passenger in a car, and too scared to even think about driving. If I hear tires squeal anywhere I totally freak out. My back still hurts, all the time, and will probably continue to cause problems for a very long time to come. AND I've been having these weird horrible headaches that feel like someone's driving a spike into my skull.

We'll see what happens. I'll keep you updated.

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