I'm having an emotional affair.

With a handbag.

It lives at TJ Maxx, and occasionally I go visit it and stroke it's soft, baby blue Italian leather. I've never bought a very expensive bag before, and, as bags go, this one isn't the high end of the spectrum by any means. (It's $119...Half the regular retail price!!) It is, however, much more than I've ever paid for a handbag before. It has a bow. It's the perfect bag for spring, and we are meant to be together. I asked for it for my birthday from Justin. And then I hid it, lest it be kidnapped by someone who could never love it like I do.

Yeah...I've gone off the deep end.

Update:  I got it!! Today! We are watching Grey's Anatomy and cuddling on the sofa. (Not really...but almost.)

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