One small cardboard box.
Contains: (at least) One purple Nikon digital camera
One 2GB SD card
One pink foot scrubbie
One Ped-Egg
Probably some other stuff I haven't discovered missing yet.

If found: Please return to me. If you're reading this, you probably know how to reach me.

These are the only things we seem to have misplaced in the move. I know that seems like a random collection of things for a single box, but I'm guessing it's the box I packed at the last minute when we were running out of the house. This motley collection seems insignificant, the biggest loss being my camera. I'll replace that with my tax refund for a better one. In fact, the most troubling loss is my pink foot scrubbie. My feet are in seriously manky condition after 2 weeks of walking the dogs down rocky, dirty alleys in my flip-flops. Showering is not enough to make them pretty and smooth again, and I can't find a new one to buy anywhere. If I ever want to leave the house or sleep comfortably again, something must be done! Now go! Find my box!


Toddy said...

If thats a picture of your actual toes then you are fine. Some people have some really crusty feet. You- are not one of those people. Cheers, T.

Susanlee said...

Yes, these are my actual toes. But that was when I had a foot scrubber! Now, they're getting pretty ugly.