So, for some time now, (years and years, actually) I've considered getting a tattoo of a small teapot, representative of Russell's teapot. And now I've decided to do it for sure, having found an appropriate design, except I'm afraid that people will think it's some symbol of the Tea Party. I really would prefer not to be associated with most of those crazies. (Yes, I know some of them really -are- just about small gov't and lower taxes...but most of them are about the crazy. If they weren't about the crazy, they'd just be Libertarians.) So here's the question. If you saw a teapot tattoo, similar to this:
(Except, obvs. not on a black background.) Would you think "Ahh!! Crazy Tea partier!" or just "Interesting tattoo, wonder what that's about?" (Or, if you're -really- cool (read: geeky), I guess you could think, "Oh,wow! It's Russell's teapot!")

Slightly related: I found a notebook that says "I'll take your Pascal's wager and raise you one Russell's teapot." That might be the funniest office supply I've ever seen.


Toddy said...

Its your body. Anyone that matters will KNOW you are not a tea partier. Anyone that sees you probably wouldnt think you looked like a tea partier anyways even w/ a tattoo and come to think of it arent tea partiers too old and lame and frightened of young, enlightened people to ever go get tattoos? I think youre safe! Go for it and cheers, T.

Susanlee said...

Awesome! Pictures to follow!