Updates to the Life List

I realized that it's probably time to take a look at my Life List and see where I am. There are a few things I also want to add.

Develop a signature style--Almost there...
Go to a fancy spa and get the works
Visit the Winchester Mystery House
Get perfect porcelain veneers
Work on a political campaign
Find just the right perfume
Learn to like coffee
Live through a moment when real history is made
Take my nieces to Europe
See Willie Nelson in concert
Win a hand of Blackjack in Vegas
Learn to make activated charcoal soap
Live in a blue state
Attend Carnaval in Brazil
Bask in the sun on a beautiful beach
Have a drink named after me
Direct a musical
Own a professional grade camera
Learn to take really good pictures
Learn to make Nan's cherry cobbler
Have a llama and a donkey as pets
Learn to make margaritas from scratch
Go on a real honeymoon
Throw a rockin' Halloween party
Personalize my own nail polish color It's called "Naked Fairy!"
Go to Disneyland
Go to the Tony awards
Hit 50 thousand visitors on my blog
Sing karaoke
Ice skate in Rockefeller Center
Go one full year without falling down
Develop my digital photos
Own a Mac, see what the fuss is about
Get a professional bikini wax 
Read all of Ovid's Metamorphoses
Own a hybrid (or fully electric) vehicle
Visit Monaco
Hold hands with Neil Patrick Harris 
Start a collection Magic wands!
Purchase designer sunglasses
Avoid losing designer sunglasses 1 full year!
Learn about my great-grandparents
Visit Salem at Halloween
See the Birth of a Baby
Live in France for a year
Learn to make a really fancy dessert
Host a holiday dinner at my house
Catch Fireflies in a Jar
Learn to pair wine with food
Have a fabulous 30th birthday party
Sit in on an autopsy
Sit on a jury


Terroni said...

Just out of curiosity, what is your just the right perfume?

I'm still looking for mine.

Susanlee said...

During the warm months, it's DKNY Be Delicious, in fall and winter it's Red Delicious. I like to smell like apples..

Toddy said...

Okay, so there is A LOT on this list I can't help you with like anything that costs money or not falling down for a year (something I myself has yet to master so how could I teach you) BUT...I can help you out with "Hit 50 thousand visitors on my blog" as I just added a link to you on my blog AND "Hold hands with Neil Patrick Harris." I happen to know first hand, bc I witnessed it like 10 times when I was living in LA last May/June temporarily that NPH works out at a gym called "Equinox" in West Hollywood, Los Angeles pretty much every day mid-day. So if you can get to LA, get a tour of Equinox, go near him sitting doing overhead presses in front of a mirror and fall down (by accident like always of course) and have him help you up. holding hands! score! Cheers, T. www.themarathonsmistress.blogspot.com