It's only 10 hours until my surgery. (It would have been shorter, but they scheduled it for 1pm, who does that??) I -know- that it's not a big deal. And I -know- it will be over in a hurry and that I'll feel better (in about a week), and I -know- that I'm stressing out over nothing. But I'm still freaking out. I've never had anything invasive done before and while I'm really interested in invasive procedures, it's not as much fun when it's my body they're digging around in.

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Terroni said...

I see from your tweets that you're all done...yay! And whoa nelly, those are some impressive gallstones, lady. I'm sorry to hear that your mouth is so dry, but if you get enough morphine, you won't care that you can't swallow. ;)