As Promised

I like Meghan McCain. I know that probably comes to a shock to any of you who are familiar with my true-blue, Democrat-to-the-core politics, but it's true. I think she's funny, smart and surprisingly reasonable for a Republican. She's definitely not one of the crazy Republicans who hang around town hall meetings stirring up trouble.

So when I found out that people were throwing a fit over a -completely- innocuous picture that she posted on Twitter, I was pissed. The critics say that she's showing too much cleavage. And yeah, there is some boob there, but it's a tank top, not a corset and panties. Meghan is a curvy girl. Unless she puts on a turtleneck, there's probably going to be cleavage going on. She commented that she was spending the night at home with a book. Looks like pajamas and bedhead to me. People need to get over it. No one's complaining about Jeff Flake's shirtless photos. In fact, he seems to be getting a lot of brownie points for that.This is a ridiculous double standard.

Rant Over.

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