Gainfully Employed!

I haven't posted about this yet, for fear of jinxing it, but yesterday I officially got a job! With a badge and everything! I'll be working as the unit secretary for labor and delivery at Covenant Women's and Children's Hospital.

This is not my actual badge. I have to go back on Monday for a new one because it's supposed to have a pink background and a hologram, since I'm in L&D. Hopefully they'll let me take a new picture. I didn't expect to have it taken yesterday and I wore my hair back. Oh, well.

Anyway, I start orientation on Monday and then 4 weeks of various classes and training. After that, I'll be on 12 hour nights, but only 3 days a week. Yay for full time employment in which I always have 4 day weekends!

As a reward for entering the workforce, Justin took me to dinner and bought me this stuffed giraffe, which I've been coveting for weeks.

There is some concern that it might be a cow...

But I don't think so. The neck seems too long for a cow, right? Besides, the other animals in this series are an elephant and a lion. Who'd say "Okay I've got an elephant, a lion....what other animal can we make? I know, a cow!" Clearly Greta is a giraffe.

In spite of my good job, I will still be going back to school in the fall. All my classes the first semester are online, and with a 3 day workweek, I don't think there will be any problems. I feel like things are finally falling into place, and that its possible to take a deep breath for the first time in months. Things are looking up!


Terroni said...

Congratulations, Susan!

I've never met a group of people more fun and feisty (and full of the most inappropriate humor) than the group I worked with in L&D. It took awhile for them to come around to new hires, but once you were in, you were in. It was sort of like the mob.

Amanda said...

I LOVE that you got a 3 day a week job!! SO fun! And I totally thought that was a giraffe from the get go. :)

Whitney said...

That is so completely awesome! I worked for L&D for three years when they were still over at the medical center campus. I miss those ladies and that job so much, so often. I learned more than I ever thought I could working as a clerk, and I loved every single exciting minute! I am so happy for you!