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UPDATE: Justin got the job at Toys 'R' Us!!!!!!

We are currently waiting to find out whether Justin has been accepted into nursing school. I'm not particularly worried about it, since the nursing advisor told him that he's the best candidate she's ever seen. He has excellent grades in all his classes, and very fancy letters of recommendation. The last day for applications was March 27 (his stuff was in well before then) and the school says that it could be anywhere between 2 and 6 weeks before the letters go out. He's also got a job interview tomorrow at Toys 'R' Us.

There's no reason for this pic to be here, it's just new and good.

School ends on May 29, and I am going to have to get my act together very soon and find a job for the summer so that we don't have to be crazy broke for 3 months. (As opposed to our usual state of being dead broke. Crazy broke is much worse.) Otherwise, things are okay. I finally got my pills in the mail, so I'm not feeling so unstable and emotional and angry. I know that it will be several days before I'm back at 100% sane (Hahahaha like I've ever been there!), but I can already feel a definite difference.

It's been too windy to ride our bikes. (Primarily because the wind is full of dirt, and being sandblasted is even less pleasant than it sounds.) To make up for the lack of biking, I've been doing extra time on the ellilptical, and a couple of nights ago I played Wii boxing at my aunt's house. That is one serious workout. The muscles in my back and arms and belly are still sore and stiff. I'm thinking of asking my mom for a Wii of my very own for my birthday.

Oh yes, the birthday. It's May 6 and I will be 28. That makes me want to throw up. I'm two years away from 30, which I had really been looking forward to, but now I feel like I've had 30 years of life and I'm still exactly where I started. Well, not exactly where. My skin and hair have changed and I'm trying desperately to find something to make my hair shiny again and my skin soft and nothing seems to be working. I'm in a total panic. Justin tells me that my age is not the issue. That my stress level has been through the roof and that it's just showing up on me now. I don't like that explanation. I want there to be some sort of lotion or potion to give me my looks back. Has anyone out there discovered the Fountain of Youth? (Cher? Are you reading this blog?) I think it might be found in the new Biore Preservation line of products (at least for my face), but I haven't tried them yet.

One other thing. I'm going to try to go back to school in the fall. I suspect that this will either make me feel young again or very, very old. But now that I've talked about it here I have to do it. Wow.


Annabel said...

the speech job at Monterrey HS in Lubbock will be open next year. Coronado might open as well.

Brinkley said...

I look bald in that picture :P