It's Aaron's Birthday!!

Today is my friend Aaron's birthday. I will not be disclosing her age, because she's unhappy about it, but I will tell you that she is younger and more glamorous than I am, and should therefore get over it. Aaron is fantastic. We've only been friends for a few months, but during this time she has become instrumental in helping me maintain my sanity. I feel like I can tell her things that I would never tell anyone else, and that she understands them. She never tells me that I'm being ridiculous. She never makes me feel bad about who I am or the things that I like. (Except that one time with Hannah Montana.) And she totally understands exactly how amazing it feels to find the perfect shade of nail polish, which you've been searching for for months. We're so alike in our feelings and experiences that I feel as if we could be, should be, sisters. She even dated Justin, like a hundred years ago, so she has that interesting bit of perspective. She can also walk in heels, apply eye makeup, and sing opera. Perhaps someday she'll teach me.

I love you Aaron!! Happy Birthday!!


vfprincess said...

Oh no! Not Hannah Montana!! Haha, I TOLD you that I'm obviously wrong about her as proven by milions of screaming fans :) YOU are the freakin' sweetest girl ever and I agree, we should totally be sisters...isn't there some kind of secret ritual or something that makes it so??

☆Susan☆ said...

Aaron: I'm sure there is, but it would probably upset some major cosmic balance and then we'd have the apocalypse. Why do the best secret rituals always end with apocalypse? It might be worth it. ;)

Terroni said...

Holy shit! Who the hell cares how old you are if you look that gorgeous?

Happy Birthday, Aaron. For my birthday, I would like your skin.

(That was meant to be a compliment, not a Silence of the Lambs-ish creepy remark.)

vfprincess said...

Terroni: Haha! Thanks so much! Apparently ONLY I care, but no fear I've been instructed to "get over it!" Also, you should know that my skin does NOT always behave...and the comment actually made me think of that horrible Will Ferrell ice skating movie, but not until the Silence of the Lambs :)

Susan: I'm ready, apocalypse here we come!