Fine. An Update.

Justin keeps bothering me to post something, but I just don't have that much to say right now.
Justin and I applied for the same job at a law office, which I would LOVE to have, and which he probably won't be able to take because of school anyway. He had an interview. I have not. On his way to the car the morning of his interview, my little sister catcalled him, and then at dinner later she told him how handsome he looked. (Which he did.) It's funny that she has such a big crush on him.

I'm really enjoying subbing, and am not looking forward to summer, when I'll have to get a regular job and not have the flexibility of being off pretty much whenever I want to. (Unless I get the job in the law office, which, as I said, I'll LOVE. However, I still won't have time off whenever I want it.)

D'Liesa is pregnant with her 3rd baby (which will make 4 between her and James) and it's a girl. She's due in July and we're all pretty excited. I love little girls.

In other baby news, an old friend, Amanda, is having a baby boy in May and I was invited to the baby shower. I'm super excited about this, because I don't really have any girl-friends here and this is a chance to get in touch with one (or several). I'm all worried about what to wear and what to get her and a thousand other things. Obviously, I don't get out enough.

So that's it.


Amanda said...

hmm... well........ you could always become a full time teacher and have ALL summer off!! :)

Terroni said...

I've tried to leave a comment here a few times. I don't know what's up...

Anyway, best of luck with the summer job search! I used to work at a greenhouse in the summers, but Texas strikes me as entirely too hot a place to sit in a giant ziploc bag in the sun for three months. (That's exactly what it felt like.) Here's hoping you find anything air conditioned. :)