Vent Monster

For about a week the heating/air vent in my bedroom has been making a tiny little rattling noise. If I'm reading or talking or doing anything in my bedroom, it's not noticeable at all. However, when I'm trying to go to sleep it drives me crazy. If I actually manage to fall asleep, it wakes me up every 20 minutes, or however often the air comes on. It sounds kind of like someone rolled up the amount of tin foil that covers a Hershey's kiss and put the little foil ball up there. Absolutely maddening. So, I've finally managed to complain about it enough that Justin took the vent off the ceiling to check it out. You know what was there? The tiniest little piece of popcorn ceiling that you could imagine. Like the size of fish tank gravel. I have no idea why it didn't just slip through the vent and stop driving me crazy to begin with, but it's gone now and I'm finally able to sleep. The end.

Yes, I know, my life is a series of non-stop thrills and excitement.

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