"Sports" Injury

I went last night to play various Wii games with my siblings. Because I was wearing a sleeveless shirt, I'd pulled my bra straps back and together so that they didn't show. This caused the underwire to be situated in a slightly different location than it usually is, but it hadn't bothered me at all during the day. However, something about the way that I had to swing my arm caused it to hit the underwire. I was having so much fun that I ignored the pain and just kept playing. So yeah, the softest, tenderest part of my body, the inside of my upper arm, was repeatedly mangled by my bra all because of Wii sports. Don't believe me? Photographic evidence:

See the lighter part in the middle? See those tiny red spots? Yeah, it's oozing blood.

The Wii is an excellent arm workout. And, if my elliptical was able to make me keep going through this sort of pain, I'd weight about 75 pounds. Gotta get a Wii to live at my house!!

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Random Esquire said...

Holy *crap*! Ouch!

I guess no more wearing a bra to play Wii for you.

Amanda said...

Dang those addictive Wii's!
Gotta love 'em though. :)