Okay, so I didn't get back as quickly as I thought I would. Last weekend was great, lots of hanging out at home and watching mindless tv and sleeping late. Friday, Justin took his TEAS test, and he totally blew it out of the water. He scored in the 99th percentile on the math portion, 85th in reading and 60th in grammar. (Because he has no idea how to use a comma. Oh well, punctuation was never my strength either.) The nursing recruiter told him that he had a higher score than anyone from last year's class, so obviously we have no worries about him getting into nursing school.

Sunday night we went to a concert with my aunt and siblings, which was amazing. Justin and I sat in the second row. I've never been that close at a concert before and it was....well it was loud, but also really, really cool.

I've been working regularly and I'm absolutely loving subbing, even on days when my class is bad or I haven't had enough sleep. It's excellent and I feel like I've found some of the self-confidence that I've been missing for a few years. I returned the fabulous ring that I mentioned in the previous post. I started to feel like I'm not in a place yet where I can wear a giant fancy ring without seeming fake. Instead, I got a new camera. (Justin was adamant that I get something nice for myself.) It's a Nikon S210, it's tiny and plum colored and it makes me really happy. The picture quality is so much better than what my old camera (the one that broke) and the replacement camera were producing. It's actually almost too good...I don't need photographic evidence showing exactly how puffy my face gets the week of my period. (Sorry guys.) Anyway, here are some pictures that we took yesterday.

It was icy and cold all day yesterday and I thought the branches of this weeping willow looked really cool.Me, in my favorite coat and sunglasses in the cold.

Justin, deciding if he likes the way the camera works when taking a picture of himself.

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