Today's G.I.S.T. 19:365

1. Feeling much better today thanks to all the drugs mentioned in the earlier GIST post.

2. I was called in to sub a middle school PE class today. My first thought was "I'm not really qualified to sub PE..." but I went anyway and it was fine. Apparently 7th and 8th grade PE mostly involves everyone doing whatever they want to, (according to the coach who showed me to the gym). As it turns out, what they want to do involves throwing volleyballs and beach balls all over the place.

3. Chicken and dumplings. My absolute favorite thing for dinner.

4 A long nap this afternoon. Amazing.

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Terroni said...

middle school PE...sounds a bit malodorous.

☆Susan☆ said...

I worried about that too...Stinky 13 year old boys. But luckily, my nose was still all stuffed up at the time.