This morning I sold my first freelance article through Helium to a company called Life Answers, who I think produce those little leaflet magazines that they have inside newspapers and church bulletins and things like that. Anyway, it's a very small amount of money and a very small publication (they don't even have a website), but it's a start and I'm really proud. But not proud enough to tell you what the article was about, because it's a little embarrassing.


Amanda said...

Congratulations! :)
You should be very proud...even of the topic. :) Congrats again!

Amanda said...

ugghhh... now I'm dying to know what it was about! I'm so proud of you!!! that's super exciting!

Barbara Whitlock said...

Congratulations Susan!

You're just hitting your stride. Keep trying for more Helium Freelance Marketplace titles -- we had some for $200 last week! New opportunities are posted daily.

You can also publish non-exclusive content to the regular site and earn upfront payments plus ad revenue share.

If I can help in anyway, or connect you with a site steward to give one-on-one assitance, let me know:

Barbara Whitlock
Community Development Manager