There was a big pile of lies told at the Republican National Convention last night, but this is my personal favorite. Numbers don't lie people!

Former Arkansas Governer Mike Huckabee: "Palin got more votes running for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska than Joe Biden got running for president of the United States."

Actual Reality: Palin got 616 votes in the 1996 mayor's election, and got 909 in her 1999 re-election race, for a total of 1,525. Biden dropped out of the presidential race after the Iowa caucuses, but before that, he got 76,165 votes in 23 states and the District of Columbia where he was on the ballot during the 2008 presidential primaries.

Hello?? 1,525 (in two years combined) is not a larger number than 76,165. Somebody needs a new speech writer. Or a math class.


Shannon Chamberlain said...

It would be nice if someone threw some free science classes in there, too.

Terroni said...

Since McCain believes that competition is the key to education, there will soon be no free classes.

And science is for people who don't believe in God.