How is it that John McCain and Sarah Palin can make so many mistakes and still be ahead?
How is it that people can believe their lies?
How, when they're telling what they believe is the truth, can people agree with them?

This is my biggest issue. I would never vote for any candidate that threatened my ability to choose what I do with my body. I would never vote for anyone who seems so determined to take my right to abortion away. I don't believe that abortion is right in every circumstance, but I also don't believe that everyone who gets pregnant should have children, and I don't believe that life and death is the only line to be drawn there. There's more to life than just being alive. (For both mother and fetus/baby.) Furthermore, and more importantly, I would never vote for someone who's going to try to take my birth control away. I'll fight tooth and nail for this little packet of pills. On top of that, what exactly do they propose to do about all the unplanned pregnancies that are sure to crop up? Not everyone can afford to raise 5 children, or even 1 for that matter. Teenagers certainly don't need to be caring for babies, regardless of the example that Governor Palin's own family has set.

I would never vote for anyone who knows less about the economy than I do. (Which, believe me, isn't much.) How can John McCain say that the state of our economy is healthy when people are losing their homes, their jobs, their everything? What does he think is happening when the dollar is worth less every day? What rock has he been under?

I would never vote for anyone who has an "if you're not with us, you're against us" mentality. Since when has the Prime Minister of Spain been a terrorist supporter? McCain so clearly wants us to be isolated from every other country in the world. How could that be good in any way? How could we elect someone who is leaving the option of war with Russia open? Who is biting at the bit to go to war with Iran (thus going to war with China, Russia and a large portion of the rest of the world)? How can we elect someone who doesn't even want to get us out of the war that we're already in?

How can people not see what a scary place we're in right now? How can they not know that electing McCain and Palin would only make it scarier? And trust me, it would be much, much scarier.

Register. Vote. And think before you do it.


Christine said...

Don't feel exposed. You're saying what's important to you, and that's the perfect way we can all learn from one another. The person we elect, represents us all, so we all need to understand that none of us is an island.

Shannon Chamberlain said...

There are--I'm convinced--two reasons most people vote Republican:

1) They love Jesus;
2) They believe that they will be rich someday.

Oddly, I believe (1) is probably a more legitimate reason. But 88 percent of people believe they're above average drivers, so perhaps I shouldn't be so shocked by the wealth delusion.

Amanda said...

I really think you should write for a column or something. You're a really good writer!

Brinkley said...

Thanks for the positive comments guys, she was really worried about posting this. I think she's a wonderful writer.

Terroni said...

You go, girl!

Terroni said...

I've joined you...blogging about politics against my better judgment.

Anne said...

Your comments about McCain taking away birth control options are just tooooo funny for words. Being pro life and wanting to eliminate abortion does not mean that McCain wants to take away your packet of pills....You are so funny, what a sense of humor you have.
oh wait... you were not making a joke? You really believe that birth control will be outlawed?

WOW. I am stunned that you are so gullible to fall for that outlandish lie....I thot you were smarter than that....