Hello Kitty, Goodbye Deaf

Because I'm not a teenager, and haven't been in quite a long time, I have never been into Hello Kitty and her friends, or any of that Japanese toy/design/animation stuff. I was too young during it's first hey-day, and too old during it's renaissance. But today, while wandering around Ross (we were waiting for Ulta to open), I found this shower wrap:

Cute right? I don't like it because it's Hello Kitty, I like it in spite of the fact that it's Hello Kitty. And because it makes me feel like a character on a soap opera, they always have these things.

In other news, I quit my job today. I'll be ChaCha-ing to make up my income, and add myself to Justin's insurance. This should actually end up giving me a little more money than my job, and I'll get to stay home in my pajamas (or my Hello Kitty wrap!) as much as I want to. I'll be leaving for California (*squeals*) on October 18 for a month, and taking the laptop with me so that I'll still be able to pay the bills here. This month will be sort of a test run to see how much I'm going to need to work while I'm there. This is going to be better for everyone, not to mention all the lives that will be saved since I'm no longer in danger of a homicidal breakdown. The deaf can rest easy tonight...


Terroni said...

Congratulations on quitting your job!

What is ChaCha-ing?
Are you dancing?

Amanda said...

you quit?! are you happy about it?! you seem like it!

I love the Hello Kitty wrap, in spite of it being a Hello Kitty wrap also!

ChaCha! I checked that out! It looked like fun!