No, not for president or anything important like that. I need you to let me know which header you like better for my blog. I'm going to leave it blank up there for the next couple of days. There is a survey box to the right. If no one votes, I might have to make an actual decision on my own, and I haven't been very good at that recently.

Here we go, do you like :



Brinkley said...
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Terroni said...


been meaning to get back with you. it's been a crazy week in my neck of the woods, but I'll try to get in touch with you tomorrow.

staying in the world's newest townhouse. may get high on the new furniture/just-installed carpet fumes. my hostess won't actually be here until tomorrow.

sorority magnets on the fridge.
things labeled with bubble letters.

i may be fucked.

Brinkley said...

Uh oh, looks like it's gonna be yellow!