I've been a little bored with my Special K Red Berries (why don't they just say strawberries?), so I've been trying out new cereals. Last week: All-Bran, Strawberry Medley. I have to tell you, it's not very good, and the texture is...bleh. So, today we were at the grocery store, and I was comparing cereals; how much can I have for the fewest number of calories, and I don't want it to taste like bark, that sort of thing. Just for giggles, I decided to check out Coco Pebbles. I thought surely it will be loaded with sugar, and not much else. How wrong I was. Here's the breakdown, I'll highlight the best parts of each one:

Special K Red Berries: 1 Cup Serving, 114 Calories, 0 grams Fat, 220mg Sodium, 10 grams sugar and 1 gram Fiber.

All Bran Strawberry Medley:
1 1/4 cup serving, 180 Calories, 1.5 grams Fat, 230mg Sodium, 10 grams sugar and 10 grams Fiber.

Post Coco Pebbles: 1 Cup Serving, 110 Calories, 1.5 grams Fat, 180mg Sodium, 10 grams sugar, 3 grams Fiber.

They all have the same amount of sugar, and the "healthy" cereal has just as much fat as the stuff that tastes like candy!! Furthermore, the Coco Pebbles have more fiber than the Special K. I'm pretty sure you can guess which one came home with me. And no, I'm not even ashamed of buying kiddie cereal.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. We also saw this cereal:

Doesn't it just scream "brought to you by the guys that club baby seals?" The cereal pieces look like various animals...freaky.

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