I Have Clearly Lost My Mind

I was recently talked into bringing home two kittens that a little girl left at my parents' house. This makes us two people with four animals, and we are officially outnumbered. I'm pretty uncomfortable with this, but cats are easy and they are already trying to catch the mouse that's been terrorizing us for weeks. I'm not sure why they choose to sleep in the trash can, but whatever. I present to you:

and Gatsby

Yeah, I know the pictures aren't great, but kittens aren't really known for being still.


Annabel said...

How cute! I love kittens and even when they become cats. We are very outnumbered here - 3 dogs and two cats between the two of us.

Amanda said...

seriously, those kittens are so adorable! And, it's funny because I read my friend Missie's blog right before I read your blog and she got 2 kittens that she's not so sure about too!

Terroni said...

They are so cute I want to eat them.