What The...?

Okay, so I've seen Phantom of the Opera about 50 times. I know the music, I know the dialogue and I know the lyrics. You can understand my confusion (and dismay) when I pop the soundtrack cd (a newish one, that I haven't played before) into the player and the words to Think of Me are wrong. Not just a couple of words either, the whole freakin' thing. I know this song. I love this song. I've sung it for auditions, I've sung it in the shower and in the car and while dancing around in the kitchen. So now I want to know who decided to screw around with a classic and when they did it? See for yourself. (If you click this box it will get big and you can actually read them.)The new one seems to have an extra verse or something....and what's all that crap about evergreen? So, if you're reading this Sir Andrew, FIX IT NOW!


Shannon Chamberlain said...

Huh. The second set of lyrics are the ones I remember from my childhood. Maybe a difference between the London and New York performances? I can't remember which one we had on CD.

Terroni said...

You know, I've never, not once seen Phantom of the Opera.