So, those of you that follow my Twitter (over there --->) know that I've been having dreams about kissing a co-worker. If you weren't aware of that, well, you are now so catch up. I'm not really attracted to him in actual reality, and in my dream life, I really suspect that his presence is just symbolic of someone else (in the dream, he doesn't *exactly* look like himself, but I call him his name and my dream brain knows who he's supposed to be). Anyway, dreams are crazy and don't always mean anything and so, while I thought that the dreams were weird, I wasn't really bothered, not like I would be if I was killing him or something. However, last night was the first time I've seen him since the dreams started, and it was so weird! It felt the way that it feels in high school when you've got a class with your crush and you can't stop behaving like a complete idiot. Except that he's not my crush! So it's not even fun! AND now I'm all irrationally worried that he somehow knows what's going on. PLUS, now someone (points at J.) that I actually kiss is being all jealous, which is totally unfair.

Also how awesome would it be if I was actually shaped like that girl in the picture?

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