Maybe says that she's upset by the disproportionate number of photos of Marlowe that I've been posting, so in order to rectify the situation, I'm posting one of her all by herself and one of her with Marlowe. In both pictures the dogs are chasing after bubbles, which are apparently a very tasty snack. Watching them do this was so much funnier than you can tell in the pictures. They were actually jumping after the bubbles and then they'd close their mouths around them very slowly. Every time one popped in her mouth, Maybe got all offended and snapped at Marlowe because she thought he had stolen her treat. Very entertaining. Everyone should have a dog.

If you click on this picture and view the full size version, you can see Maybe's tongue sticking out of her mouth...she's so embarrassed.

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Andrew said...

I would have loved to see this. I wonder what Maggie would do? Dogs have such good personalities for the most part. Bubble fun!!!