Ho Hum...

My mom is going to be in town tomorrow and I'm trying to get motivated enough to deep clean the house. She'll probably only be here for an hour or so, but I still feel compelled to do the whole scrub the floors thing. So naturally, at the time I need it the most, my vacuum cleaner broke. Our old house had terrible gold shag carpet and it was just too hard on my little Hoover. So now I'm shopping for a new dust sucker. Any suggestions? Don't say Dyson, there's no way I can afford one of those.

While Justin was picking up some of the random stuff that congregates in our back yard I took this picture of Marlowe. He's clearly trying to get back to his wild dog roots. Can't you just see visions of the Serengeti (or wherever the wild beagles roam) dancing through his head?

Also, it's been a week but I just got this picture and I wanted to post it. Last Saturday the wind blew through here at about 80 miles per hour. I posted pics of the dirt in the sky during the brown out but wasn't aware of just how nasty it really was until we were driving home from work Sunday morning and saw a row of telephone poles that looked (and continue to look) like this:There were about 15 of them and I thought that surely there must have been some sort of terrible accident or something...but no...just the wind. This is exactly the sort of thing that makes me laugh when I hear newscasters in other parts of the country give "strong wind advisories" during a 20mph breeze.

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