Happy Birthday

To me...

My (great) Aunt Eva Pearl kept a diary of the entire year that I was born January-December of 1981. I received it last year, after her death, and it is the most precious thing that I own. On this date, 27 years ago she wrote:

6 May 1981-Wednesday- The great day arrived-you were born. Such a beautiful little girl!
We love your name--SusanLee - Lee for your grandmother and great grandmothers (Lackey and McCaghren). Mother, your great grandmother (who died the day before I was born), was a person of principle. She was self reliant and determined. She had a strong personality.
O-how proud we are of you! You have such wonderful parents. May your life be a happy one. You will have an abundance of love showered upon you!

And I have.

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Andrew said...

Happy Birthday dear friend! I hope you're having a good one and Justin gets you great gifts. I am excited for you!