Curses! Foiled Again!

I want this: Essure. There is no one in this area that is trained in the procedure to give it to me (according to their website anyway), the closest Dr. who can give this to me is 75 miles away, and is (of course) not covered by my insurance. The other thing that I think I'd be happy with is Mirena, which my doctor won't give me because I haven't had a baby. (It's possible that no one would let me have the Essure for the same reason.) I'm just really really tired of having to deal with birth control on a monthly basis. I hate worrying that I'm not going to be able to afford my NuvaRing every month and I hate that the reason that I can't have what I want is because I don't have a child. I don't WANT a child. That's the freakin' point!! I've tried depo-provera which works for several months at a time, but the reason that it works for me as birth control is because it depresses me too much to get out of bed, even to shower, and I'm pretty sure that nobody wants to be around me during that joyous time. Especially for anything naughty. Arggh!!

Suggestions anyone?


Terroni said...

Can ya doctor shop? I'm thinking you could probably find someone who would give you the Mirena even though you haven't had a baby.

Terroni said...

Oh, and I probably saw 892 Essures done when I was on Ob/Gyn...brings back painfully boring memories.