Walk of Shame

While we were at work last night, Maybe tore through the house destroying things. The contents of my bathroom trash can were spread all over the floors not only in the bathroom, but in the bedroom (she just cannot resist the lure of toilet paper that's had a nose blown into it), she managed to destroy one of our mouse traps (the kind that look like a little box), it was in about 17 pieces on the living room floor (peanut butter, irresistible!), there were two yogurt containers licked clean on the sofa, and she dumped Justin's trash can out in his bathroom.

Justin is now taking her on the walk of shame, in which he takes her from room to room points at her transgressions, and and says "bad dog" in the most guilt inducing manner that he can. She follows along, her tail tucked between her legs, pretending to be sorry, but from the look on her face, I can tell that she's really thinking "Snot, yogurt and peanut butter? So totally worth it."

PS: This is my 400th blog post!I feel like there should be cake or something...

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Brinkley said...

nasty sheep!