Marlowe Update

It's warm outside, but cold in the house. I blame Justin, the Thermostat Nazi. I seriously think it's set on something around a "comfortable" 45 degrees. As proof of this insanity, I present Exhibit 1, Marlowe burrowed as far as he can possibly get into the electric blanket that I'm forced to cover my legs with in order to avoid frostbite.

Forgive the poor picture quality, I had to take the shot with my phone because getting up to get the real camera would leave me exposed and Marlowe disgruntled. Since I haven't posted a picture of this adorable creature since the first day we got him, I'll post one now, not taken with the phone, and one that does not involved him hiding his sweet (sleepy) face.

See, we're friends, pay no attention to the fact that he runs from the room when I call his name. That only happens because he thinks that "Marlowe" means the same thing as "no." We're considering a name change, (he doesn't know his name, so I don't think the change will be traumatic for him), but I can't think of anything that I like better.

I guess that's it for now. Justin is at my aunt's house working on a project for his speech class, so I'm all alone here with the dogs, both sleeping. I want to stay up at least until Justin gets home but right now, I'm very sleepy. (Notice the circles under my eyes in that picture...) G'night.

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Terroni said...

I love that name, too. He is so freakin' cute. Do you kiss that face 1,000 times a day?