I had a weird drive home last night. There were rabbits everywhere, in the field across from work and frolicking at the side of the road for almost the entire drive. There were so many of them that I actually noticed them out there, during a time that I usually sort of just zone out and drive. It was weird enough that that I thought I'd consult my handy-dandy Dictionary of Superstitions when I got home this morning. The rabbits are good news, they are generally seen as good luck, so I was pleased that there were dozens of these lucky charms hanging around. (By the way, apparently the feet are only lucky if they are back left feet, from rabbits killed by a cross-eyed man in the light of a full moon. I swear I didn't make that up, but thought I'd include it, because it's funny.) So yeah, rabbits...the other superstition is that they are good luck because they're born with their eyes open, and that allows them to see evil coming and avoid it, which brings me to the bad luck.

About half way home, a white mouse ran out and stopped directly in front of my car. It practically glowed in the dark, and I veered to the right so that I didn't hit it, but I was totally spooked. The book says that this mouse thing is bad news. White ones in particular are scary, and if one crosses the floor in front of you (and I would assume this also applies to a road), it's a portent of doom. I'm hoping that the rabbits cancel out the mouse...Not that I'm taking this very seriously, of course, but it's kind of creepy all the same. I think I'll lay low for a couple of days, just in case.

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