Passionate Lovers

Reading on the sofa yesterday, with the TV on for background noise, I looked up to see Bindi Irwin doing an interview with Rachael Ray. This kid is fantastic, she seems really well adjusted and so completely full of life that it's astounding. Every few minutes she would say "I'm just the luckiest kid in the world," and it was obvious that, in spite of bad stuff that's gone down recently in her short little life, she really believes that. So, I made a note to be a little more like Bindi, and a little less like Britney Spears and went back to my book.

Two minutes later I hear her little nine year old voice say "Crocodiles are really lovely animals, they have very soft feet, they're passionate lovers, good mothers and are just really lovely animals."

Wait. What?? Rewind.

Crocodiles are passionate lovers. Who knew? And besides that, where exactly does a 9 year old learn this phrase, and how is it that she doesn't even pause a moment before or after saying it?? I'm pretty sure I couldn't ever describe something/one as a "passionate lover" without giggling, and I certainly couldn't do it on the Rachael Ray show. In front of my mom.

New note to self: If I have kids, they are totally going to school in Australia.


Terroni said...

I'm not sure if that's cute or creepy.

The Shan said...

Bahahaha! I have a kid about Bindi's age and he has no idea what a "passionate lover" is. At least I can't imagine him knowing that. She probably just memorized her study work for the show and whipped it out like a dictionary. She is a precocious little thing though-fo sho. And, while I'm here...What's up with that typing score!?! Are you a genius? ;)