General Update

My grandmother is still in the hospital. She seems to be progressing, but slowly, and my mom says that she's unsure if Nan'll ever be able to go back to the apartment where she was living. We're really not sure what's going to happen next, and that's worrying, but certainly not as bad as it could be.

Justin and I both have colds...I think we're the same amount of sick, sore throats, hacking coughs, headaches and the need for 14 hours of sleep, but he's taking it worse than me. That comes from being a boy, I suppose.

School starts again in 2 weeks for Justin, so I'm trying my best not to harass him into doing things he doesn't want to, during his last little bit of "freedom," but mostly he wants to stay at home and I've got cabin fever and want to GET OUT NOW. It's very frustrating. Hmm... I guess that's all. Nothing particularly exciting going on...*yawn* Sorry for the snoozefest, but I thought I should update a little, anyway.


Terroni said...

Thanks for the update!

Try the Zicam nasal swabs--a nurse told me they work great.

And then, tell Justin you're heading out. Maybe he'll get bored and decide to join you ;>

Brinkley said...

I said hey do you want to go to wal mart, just to get out of the house? (Sadly walmart is the only thing open past like 5 in this stupid little town) she says "no I'm going to take an hour nap then we can go...

18 hours later she gets out of bed :)