Back...Sort Of

I'm back for now, but only because I feel like I have to post about this...

My younger sister, Stacy (see photo) has Cerebral Palsy along with a few other disabilities, and this results in her having about the mental/emotional state of a 3rd or 4th grader. She's really funny and sweet and totally innocent about most things, and we just love her to pieces. She has a boyfriend, who's been around for a few years now, his name is Chris, and he has Down's Syndrome. They're a cute little couple and spend most of their time with his family or my family and are never unsupervised. So that's the set up.

She was very upset over the weekend and just really really fretful, but wouldn't tell anyone what was wrong. Yesterday she finally let it all out and told us that her period is late by maybe 2 days. (Caused, no doubt by stress over my grandmother and a few other things. She's also OCD so having things happen on time is a super big deal.) So she's been in a state of utter panic thinking that she's pregnant all weekend. for the reasons stated above, this is a highly unlikely possibility. When asked why she thinks this she had a complete breakdown and tearfully admitted that she KISSED CHRIS ON THE CHEEK!!! Oh the horror!!

Anyway, I've found this pretty entertaining for a couple of days, and that merits a share.

Also, my grandmother seems to have turned another corner and is improving again. She got her hair cut a couple of days ago, which I'm sure helped as much as anything, and will be moving in with my mother at the first of February, fates allow.


Tiffany said...

Don't you just love those "special" people in our lives. I have a neice with C.p. And I do beleave she is one of the best stress reducers ever. Our thoughts and prayer are with you.

Amanda said...

that is the most precious story!! Thank you for sharing! Is Chris from L-town? He looks familiar!