The Season of....Asking.

OK girls, (and boys, if you have advice) if you want something from your boy for Christmas, but can't ask for it specifically, (because it's rude to say anything besides "Oh you don't have to get me a gift!" or "I'm sure anything you think of will be perfect!") how do you go about getting it? I've never been particularly good in the area of dropping hints...I suppose this blog will be enough to let him know that there's something, just not what. (Assuming he reads this.) It's not really something that's appropriate for me to purchase for myself, otherwise I'd just go get it. Let the advising begin!

Aside from that, Levelland is where a whole pile (yes, I know the correct term is flock) of Canada geese end their seasonal migration. I don't know why they choose to stop here, because it's freakin' cold, but they do, and every few hours I hear lots of loud honking and flapping as they move from one lake to the other, obviously on some goose schedule that they didn't tell me about beforehand. Not good for napping. There are several hundred of them, which looks pretty cool in spite of the noise, so hopefully this weekend I'll get out to the lake to take some pictures of them, and let Maybe do a little chasing.

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