So I've been looking at old pictures from my childhood and I found this one.

Several things about this picture make me say "What was I thinking?!" Here's the list:

1. Look at those horrible rubber sandals.

2. Notice that I'm wearing socks with the horrible rubber sandals. And not just any socks, men's athletic socks, pulled all the way up my leg. Do you see how long my legs looked? Why on earth did I insist on covering them up like this?

3. Look at how heavy my eyebrows are. Hello tweezers?

4. And this is really the most important, I thought I was fat. I mean, I suppose every 14 year old girl thinks she's fat, and looks back astounded at how foolish they were, but the thing is, other people were also telling me that I was fat. So now I'm wondering if perhaps someone had told me back then "you look great" that I would have developed a better relationship with food, and not been so fat now...or maybe I'd be fatter without the constant worry about my weight hovering over my head for the past 15 years. Anyway, I like the picture. I like that Once Upon a Time, I looked like that girl.


Terroni said...

I had those bangs...and those socks.


Looking into the eyes of innocence is always remarkable.
I cringe when pictures are pulled out from my past. My buck teeth, my irregular body..the reminder of the constant ridicule from the "mean girls.."
It's a darling picture of you.
and I recall Jelly shoes..:)