I Apologize in Advance

Because I don't really have anything to say, but feel that I should post something, since it's been nearly a week. I may end up rambling so feel free to zone out at any time.

Enjoy the gratuitous picture of Nikaia practicing her island dancing

My ankle is somewhat better, badly bruised just below my ankle, kind of deep dark purple, and then a larger, fist sized bruise up further just below my calf. I think the ace bandage has caused this, but Justin disagrees and says that that sort of pressure wouldn't cause this sort of bruise. I don't know why he knows that. I'm still supposed to go get an x-ray to make sure there's not a hairline fracture, but I'm hesitant to do this, as we have not yet met the deductible on our insurance so the cost will be out of pocket, and we really can't afford that right now. Besides, if it is a hairline fracture, won't they basically just make me do what I'm doing now ie: staying off of it, wearing a splint etc?

My sister has asked me to be a bridesmaid. I agreed to do this, thinking that it would cause more problems to decline, I don't want to insult anyone or anything, but the thing is, I'm having a really hard time finding a dress that a) fits b) is the correct color (brown) and c) is even remotely affordable. Her other bridesmaid (who I don't know) snagged one at JCPenney for around $35. Unfortunately, JCPenney hasn't carried anything in my size since I was in high school. I dunno, there's a month and a half til the wedding, but I'm starting to wonder if I should bow out.

If we can scrounge around enough money I think we're going to see Harry Potter tomorrow, or maybe Hairspray if my aunt goes with us...that's all for now. I guess I did have something to say...


Summer said...

Have you tried looking at JCPenny on line? I hope you feel better soon.

Amanda said...

me being totally ignorant of how long it takes for a sprain to heal, will it still be hurting you during the wedding? I'm just picturing you in cute shoes that don't support your ankle at all and you being in pain! yikes! I hope that's not the case!!