Aww and Oww

Look at this adorable picture of our niece Nikaia:

In other news, I think I have swimmers ear. Don't ask me how it's not like I've been swimming and I try to get all the water out of my ears when I shower, but my ears hurt, and feel hot, and super pressurized, and just popping them isn't working to solve the problem, and the pain gets worse if I tug gently on my earlobes. (Why, you ask, is she tugging on her earlobes? Well usually it feels nice and helps me go to sleep, but not at the moment.) Ok, so does anyone know anything I can do to help this? Being a modern girl I did some research online, but everything says to go to the doctor and my $300 deductible says otherwise. Home remedies anyone??


Teronni said...

I have heard a little rubbing alcohol can clear up a mild infection. I swam for years and never actually had this problem. Hope you feel better soon!

Found on the interweb:

Oh, and your niece is so cute! You and Justin plan on kids? They're a great excuse to buy those tiny flip-flops.

Summer said...

You could try a decongestant, the best being behind the pharmacy counter, you'll have to sign for it. I hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

When I had trouble with my ears the doctor had me using debrox for a week then see a specialist, but that was after it didn't clear up...I did have blockage also, gross I know. Hope you get to feeling better, ear troubles suck.
Where could I get Bronte some of those cute little flip flops? You niece is so very cute...I just love baby toes.

Melanie said...

hi there! i'm appearing from out of nowhere (actually via Teranni) to say that i get swimmer's ear all the time, and often i can use a decongestant to open things up enough to get it over with. if you start having ear pain, dizziness or other symptoms indicating that the water might have started an infection, you will have to swallow that deductible. however an ear infection isn't something that requires labwork and other stuff and ends up costing a fortune; usually it's just an office visit cost.