Fat Like Me

Well we're back from our trip. It was generally a good time, the flights were uneventful as usual and there were no major fights the entire trip. We did some fun shopping with our Christmas money and got to eat at some good places and see the George Bush Library, which if you haven't been to, is a really fun place to go.

The only downside to the trip is that the entire time my mom harassed me about my weight. Hello, fat people know we're fat. It's not a secret that you have to whisper to us in the car on the way to the pizza place. It's not something that we have to be reminded of every hour or so by concerned citizens. Clearly my mom doesn't understand this. At one point while I was in the bathroom she even said to Justin "I'm really sorry Susan has gained so much weight since the wedding." (I've gained maybe 8 or 10 pounds geez.) He immediately told her that it was inappropriate behavior for her to say things like that to him {Justins Note: I don't actually know if she heard me or not. I was scared} , so instead she got me alone every chance she could and told me how much I need to watch what I eat, and that 2 mini bagles (240 calories) is way to much for anyone to eat for breakfast. Needless to say my struggling self esteem has taken a nose dive. Again.

Yeah, I'm fully aware that I need to lose weight. I actually have been walking what I think amounts to 1 and a half miles at work every night on my lunch hour and break. I've been eating healthier. I've lost 4 pounds in about a month. Yes I know that's not record breaking, but at least it's something. At least I'm trying. I shouldn't have had to cry every day of my vacation. Justin's mom is giving us a treadmill. Apparently they're closing ranks. I wish I had the willpower to get an eating disorder.


Annabel said...

I hear you sister! I need to lose weight too, but I like eating too much and I don't like exercising much... go figure.

latibug said...

Man..that is hard. Why do mother's always have to comment on weight. With my Mom it is how have you lost XXX lbs or I wish I could look like you. I hate that as much as I hated when she told me I was getting fat because she is obessed with it. What I have finally figured out is that it is her problem not mine and as long as I am happy and my hubby is happy then it is none of her business.

Matt Savage said...

I've been paying a lot more attention to my health and what eat lately. If there is one thing I could recommend is the book, "The China Study" by Dr. Colin Campbell. This book has seriously changed the way I view my eating habits. It is based on actual hardcore scientific data rather than those fad diets such as Atkins and Southbeach.